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Top 8 Reasons Why Animation Video Works For Your Business Growth

Animation video, in a way, is magic. It brings before your eyes things that otherwise are only a figment of the imagination. Thanks to technology we have today, there is nothing that cannot be brought to the screen, be it ferocious dragons, talking fishes, or even an angry SpongeBob.

Yes, the animation is fun and fantastic, but how is it going to help you with your brand and brand films?

1. Animation videos drive home engagement

The animation video is a type of art form that has been capturing the unwavering attention of the viewers ever since incubation. If you have a story to tell, and if there is appropriate and effective animation to match your narrative, you are good to hit the market. For, your video is going to drive a lot of engagement with your viewers.

2. Appeals to all

Movements have always amused us, humans. We've been more interested in things that aren't quite stationary. That's how movies came to be. People found a way to make pictures move. Later they found a way to make drawings move, and that captures the attention of everyone, all age, and gender alike. So yes, it is indisputable that animation appeals to all!

3. Animation videos effectively convey

Effective communication is the secret to the success of any venture. What better way to convey your idea to your potential customers/clients than with animated explainer videos? Animated videos can emphasize and highlight the important features of a product or a concept with the help of graphical elements which otherwise might not be as efficient as possible in any other form of videos.

4. Animation videos help stay on top

True that! With more animated videos on your website and other linked pages, your business can be found at the head of the search engine results. It's not just us, but Google seems to like animation as much as we do! Animated videos work wonders with the SEO thus always helping you to be on top!

5. Animation videos help increase conversion rates

Attention is good, but what about profits? Well, statistics prove that having an animation videos on your landing page can potentially increase the conversion rates by a staggering 80%. Yes, we were as mind blown as you are right now when we learned about it.

6. Animation videos help brand boost

Animation video are a great way of boosting your brand element and character. One animated video can add enough character to your brand, thus creating the desired perspective about your brand on your target audience. Besides, the repeated use of brand colors, font, and tone can reinforce the brand and bring it to the top of the mind of your target audience.

7. Bring ideas to life

Imagination runs wild in all of us. And the best way to bring it all into life is through animation video. That's right. With the adept technology we have today, the only limitation to creation is imagination. Any visual magic is plausible with animation. Another reason, if you'd like to get creative with your brand.

8. Uniqueness is a necessity

In a world that makes a lot of digital noise, it is utterly important to stay significant, and have a style and personality that is unique to stand out from the crowd. Animation video helps you to draft a personality for your brand that is singular, novel and does not blend in the skirmishes of the digital world.

We at Creative Code understand the nuances of animation and its charm. Based out of Bangalore, we are a bunch of creative professionals who are passionate about creating concept-based communication for your business.

From corporate films to explainer videos, animation to motion graphics, live shoot to documentaries our task is to ensure your brand reach your customers most efficiently. What we offer will enhance your brand value. How do we achieve this? By creating stunning communication that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. To get into our minds, take a look at our client work listed on our website. And do visit our social to see what we are up to! If you’re impressed, it’s time to mark our calendars and meet over a cup of chai!

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