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Corporate Video Production: FAQs & Answers

"What is a corporate video? Why should an organization have a corporate video? How does it help one in the market?"

What other questions gnaw at you while considering a corporate video for your business?
With a lot of corporate video production companies in Bangalore, it is quite easy to get caught in haywire of questions and confusion.
Well, the more you ask, the better. There are multiple verticals to analyze while choosing to make a video and even more so if it is a corporate video.
Let us answer a set of FAQs regarding corporate videos.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a non-advertisement video content that conveys the message of an organization. Unlike commercial advertisement videos, corporate videos are not intended to scale up revenue. Instead, corporate video carries the essence of the brand, ethics, vision, and mission to the viewers.

How important is it to have a corporate video?

How important is it to communicate to convey your thoughts and ideas to another person? That important it is to have a corporate video for the company. A corporate video is your organization speaking its ideas, views, mission, and goal to the viewers. Communication, as we all know has been very important at all times.

Who are the audiences for a corporate video?

The audiences for corporate videos are the entire shareholders and stakeholders of the business, including the general public. A corporate video represents the whole and soul of an organization.

What should the duration of a corporate video be?

The duration of a corporate video depends on the complexity of the message and the age of the organization. Researches are constantly being conducted to understand the ideal duration for a video but the results vary depending on a lot of other variables. While it is always suggested to keep the video short and crisp, discuss the brief and requirements with your video production company and arrive at the perfect duration for your corporate video.

How to choose the right corporate video production company for your brand?

Bangalore does not run short of corporate video production companies. Although, here are a few variables to consider.

a) Has the agency handled any similar corporate videos before?

b) Does the agency have the capacity to handle the scale of your production?

c) Are your ideas and the agency's creative take on the same aligned?

d) Are you both anticipating the same output?

These answers only address the tip of the iceberg. If you are looking to make a corporate video for your organization and have more questions, just ask us!

We at Creative Code understand the nuances of video production. Based out of Bangalore, we are a bunch of creative professionals who are passionate about creating concept-based communication for your business.

From corporate films to explainer videos, animation to motion graphics, live shoot to documentaries our task is to ensure your brand reach your customers most efficiently. What we offer will enhance your brand value. How do we achieve this? By creating stunning communication that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. To get into our minds, take a look at our client work listed on our website. And do visit our social to see what we are up to! If you’re impressed, it’s time to mark our calendars and meet over a cup of chai!

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