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Video Production Services by Creative Code India - Your Key to Effective Communication

A swanky opening of a restaurant or bite-sized gyan from a modern mystic – brands, and personalities are reaching out to their peeps extensively through compelling videos. Given the fact that we are now diving into deep waters of the digital sea, videos are snorkels that keep your communication alive.

On average, an adult in India spends up to 3 hours on his/her smartphone. With affordable data at disposal, people’s screen time has increased multifold. Efforts to establish a promising marketing strategy using social media posts, WhatsApp forwards, Google Display Banners or E-mailers fail to grab the desired attention; unless it’s backed with videos.

Very recently, Cavery Calling an initiative taken up by none other than Sadhguru took the internet by a storm. This serves as a prime example of video being used as an effective tool for advertising and public relations. Hands down, the credit for the success of 2019’s most iconic bike rally goes to the series of well-produced videos.

On a corporate note, video production is the core of IT communication. Be it B2B or B2C, CSR Activity, Product Launch, Explainer Video or Testimonials; a well-conceptualized and shot video will captivate, lure and engage a viewer like none other, making it the “must-have” for any company dealing with Information Technology.

Over the years animation has blended effortlessly with video production. Turning out to be one of the most widely used forms when it comes to communication. From creating quirky characters to depicting emotions or explaining a service in the simplest of manner, animation offers the liberty to explore the deeper realms of creativity. Hence giving your brand a distinct identity of its own.

As the saying goes – “Good content is not about storytelling. It’s about how you tell a story.” We at Creative Code understand the nuances of communication. Based out of Bangalore, India; we are a bunch of creative professionals who are passionate about creating concept-based communication for your business.

From corporate films to explainer videos, animation to motion graphics, live shoot to documentaries and design; our task is to ensure your brand reach your customers most efficiently. What we offer will enhance your brand value. How do we achieve this? By creating stunning communication that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. To get into our minds, take a look at our client work listed on our website. And do visit our social to see what we are up to! If you’re impressed, it’s time to mark our calendars and meet over a cup of chai!

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