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Inside the Workspace Culture of Creative Code India To Enhance Brand Value

Our Mondays are not all that blue. We don’t mind working on the weekend. And work is something that we pour our hearts and soul into. Yes, in short, this is Creative Code. On any given day, you can step into our workspace, and see one of us dancing back from the kitchen unwrapping a munchie. Don’t be surprised to see our animator talking to himself. It’s just him reciting a freshly written rap that’s finding the right tune and rhythm.

On entering our front door, you will notice a shelf. Filled with books, scented candles, and board games. Yes, a few of us have a thing for aroma. Be it the UNO cards or Housie, two to three times a month we gather around and enjoy a game or two. The newest addition to our entertainment unit is a carom board. And our pairings are even more entertaining. One is a pro, while the other intends to pocket a pawn but sends the striker flying off the board.

What you will not miss noticing is our couch. The best part about that - all of us love sitting on it. And none of us fight over it. Strange as it may seem… but that’s the truth. We seem to understand our desires, and each of us don’t over or under sit. It’s more like a mutual respect that we share for the spot.

Do you know what makes our workspace feel more like home? Let us tell you. Be it Ayudapuja, Bakrid or Christmas – sweets, biryani or a cake is shared among all of us. Thus making the day truly special. Here’s another thing, our culture is such that no birthdays ever go unnoticed. A customary creative of the person whose face is smeared with cake has to go up on our social, no matter what.

Last but not least, there is always a sense of positivity when it comes to working as a team. You will see our servicing talking to a client like an old buddy. Our animators doing their thing as they hum a tune. Our designer creating a cool poster and the content team lost in brainstorming. So in a nutshell, when colleagues become extended family, workspace becomes an extended home. And home is always a special place.

As the saying goes – “Good content is not about storytelling. It’s about how you tell a story.” We at Creative Code understand the nuances of communication. Based out of Bangalore, India; we are a bunch of creative professionals who are passionate about creating concept-based communication for your business.

From corporate films to explainer videos, animation to motion graphics, live shoot to documentaries and design; our task is to ensure your brand reach your customers most efficiently. What we offer will enhance your brand value. How do we achieve this? By creating stunning communication that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. To get into our minds, take a look at our client work listed on our website. And do visit our social to see what we are up to! If you’re impressed, it’s time to mark our calendars and meet over a cup of chai!

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