Herman Miller - Recruitment Video

As the world kept moving forward after recovering from the pandemic, the entire ball game of jobs and employment changed. The focus shifted from a “Hustle for that Muscle” approach to a very “You only live once” mentality which led to an uphill attrition rate, making it difficult to find and retain employees in an organisation.

It was during a time like this that Herman Miller reached out to us with a requirement for a Recruitment Video, with the goal of finding new talent across freshers and seasoned professionals. The target was a very niche audience and we had to carefully evaluate our approach to the video. Our goal was to deliver a message to the potential employees and we decided that the best way to do it was to portray the experiences of the current employees. As important as the job description is, the work culture, surrounding, and people play a very important role in choosing a company to work for. To bring out the true nature of what being an employee in Herman Miller feels like, we decided to do a live shoot in their office space to showcase the surroundings, work culture, hybrid work models, and more importantly the camaraderie.We built out a script with icebreakers, and questions that triggered natural responses from the employees, to weave a story that resonated with our categories of audience.

The only thing left to do was shoot! We explored the Herman Miller office space, while our brains started seeing our scripts come alive with the visualised shot descriptions. We geared up and brought in our entire crew with all the lights, equipment, cameras, audio recorders, and more for an entirety of 2 days to capture what we needed. Once we had our footage, the following few days were packed with cuts, edits, and stitches of all our a-rolls, b-rolls, and background score to build the video. A couple of email chains, calls, and edits later we had our final cut that the entire team of Herman Miller from freshers to leadership were pleased with!

For all the hard work that goes behind the making of a film, it’s that moment, the moment our client likes what we’ve created, that fills our entire being with gratification and true happiness.