Integritty - Brand Film

Videos are just a tool to build a story. Sometimes we shoot a video and sometimes we don't. We don’t always need an entire crew and a production team to deliver a story with a live-shot video. As you may know, there are times when you face plenty of limitations like budget, timeframe, and availability that can stop you from going forward with a live shoot video.

A corporate film requirement from Integritty was one such circumstance where a live shoot was not an option. We understood what they wanted to convey through the video, and decided to build a story using stock footage videos, supported by a voiceover conveying the core message.

Given the fact that there is very little control over pre-existing videos, we tailor-made our scripts to ensure a stronger story flow, whilst keeping the technicalities in mind. In parallel with the script-building process, we did a fair amount of research on the availability of the stock videos across various platforms, while also keeping the budget in mind.

With a video built entirely from stock footage, bringing the connection between all the videos in terms of the age, origin, and demographics of the models featured in every frame was something we paid close attention to. We ensured the chosen footage had a continued style throughout with the tones, color-grading, motion, and shooting style. With the finalisation of the voiceover script, we moved forward to stitch the handpicked stock footage, voiceover, and suitable background score that was amalgamated to bring the video to life.