42 Gears - IOT video

We all know that every year, the number of technology and IT solutions companies out there are constantly growing. But, at the same time, there is still a volume of people who need a simplified broken-down explanation of the “Why, What, and How” of tech solutions. One such requirement was brought to us by 42 gears, with which they wanted a simple explainer video for a product that connects and manages all the electronic devices in a work environment.

The first step was briefing and understanding the product by itself, which involved breaking through the technical jargon with intense background research accompanied by a couple of clarification phone calls with our client. With a clear understanding of the message that needs to be conveyed, we went ahead and built a script, with a voiceover as the backbone of the video, that explained the crux of the product, using characters and everyday examples that even a school student can easily comprehend. When it comes to explainer videos, this is the core that we believe in which we were able to implement in this video, breaking down the technicalities into simpler forms.

With the finalisation of the script, the next step was to move on to the illustration style, with the various characters and elements to build the storyboard frame by frame. With a completed and finalised storyboard, our next step was the animation where we worked on every single movement, action, and expression to show the story that we wanted. With the animation, supers and subtexts buttoned up, we had our explainer video!