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Our Creative Flow: How We Create Stunning Concept-Based Communication for Your Business.

Music to our ears and the start of our creative process.

What happens in-between a brief and an output are stages that we’d like to call “a collaborated effort”. The times when our creativity blends with our client’s brand guidelines. When we create a unique structure where the two co-exist in harmony. Followed by a final touch that gives it the wow, ah or awe… factor, depending on what they intend to communicate.

Here are the important stages of our creative flow:

Stage – 1 : Understanding

This is the stage where we take time to digest the brief. Only to break it down to smaller portions for better insights.

Stage – 2 : Brainstorm

Here is when we bring out the coffee mugs and put on our thinking hats. From profiling our target group to understanding their challenges to finding a unique way to communicate how our client’s product or service could help them, we pour out all our perspectives, thus creating a strong idea that is intended to create a lasting impression.

Stage – 3 : Execution

Depending on the nature of the project, our respective teams turn on their work mode. If the requirement is a live shoot, our production crew gears up. If it’s an explainer or 2D video, our animators start-off what they do the best. Or if the requirement is related to designing, our graphic artists bring out their Wacom and create eye-catching visual communication.

Stage – 4 : Final Touch

This is the phase where our creative and accounts team work hand-in-hand. From purchasing images / footage from Shutterstock to sourcing the background score to obtaining the final voiceover from the VO artist, everything that is required to complete the final cut/ creative is provided by our accounts department. Which is followed by putting everything into place by our creative team before the file is forwarded to the client for approval.

Stage – 5 : Output

After obtaining the feedback from the client, all necessary changes or edits are executed. And finally, a completed project is ready to make its debut in the market.

As the saying goes – “Good content is not about storytelling. It’s about how you tell a story.” We at Creative Code understand the nuances of communication. Based out of Bangalore, India; we are a bunch of creative professionals who are passionate about creating concept-based communication for your business.

From corporate films to explainer videos, animation to motion graphics, live shoot to documentaries and design; our task is to ensure your brand reach your customers most efficiently. What we offer will enhance your brand value. How do we achieve this? By creating stunning communication that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. To get into our minds, take a look at our client work listed on our website. And do visit our social to see what we are up to! If you’re impressed, it’s time to mark our calendars and meet over a cup of chai!

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