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Comprehensive Guide to Video Production: What Does It Take to Make a Commercial Video?

Videos are the current leading market tool, no news.

Do you but, ever wonder how a video is made?

If you are interested in understanding the technique and technology used in video production, you just clicked the right link!

We are just about to shed some light on 'What does it take' to make a commercial video.

In general, the video production process is broadly divided into three categories - pre-production, production, and post-production.


In short, pre-production is everything you got to do before you start the shoot. It involves a detailed study of everything related to the shoot. To simplify the concept for you, we've broken down pre-production to further subsets.


Got a requirement to come up with a video for any particular brand or event? The first thing to do is to come up with a concept for the video. What story are you going to tell? Has the requirement been captured in the story? Is the story in line with the brand guidelines? Does it appeal to the target audience? Does your concept have a positive answer to these questions? If yes, great! Let's go ahead.


Scripting is the most crucial part of the film making. How detailed your script is how effective your video is going to be. Put down in words your concept, scene-by-scene with a detailed visual description for what should go on the screen, including dialogues/ voice-over if any.


After scripting, with the suggestion and input of the director and cinematographer, map out a shot list, followed by a storyboard based on it. This will give an in-depth and clear understanding of how the video output is going to look.

Location Scout

Understanding the location where you are going to do the shoot is an important and indispensable step in the process of video production. Considerations will include whether you can get permission to shoot on the location, if shooting there is logical and how far the locations are from one another.


Depending on the shots determined and the location, you'll have to come up with a conclusion of what types of equipment are required to execute the production. Source them and learn to operate them.

Plan to shoot

To efficiently plan the shoot, take into consideration the actors involved, the location permits and equipment sourced.


Here is where the actual action happens. Although you'll have the entire production details planned and perfected in your pre-production, the process of producing a video still involves a ton of crucial work.


Lighting is an important element in the process of production. Lights can emphasize, define and even add character to any given scene at any given point of time. Hence it is important to set the lights according to the nature and mood of the scene.


It falls on the cinematographer/ cameraman to decide where and how to place the camera and which lens to shoot to bring out the intended message in a particular shot. Although it sounds considerably simple, this takes an ample amount of time and effort to get a shot right.


The director at this point will get the actors to play their part in the video. Additionally, he'll also make sure there are enough b-roll shots to make the video interesting throughout.


What you have after the shoot is the raw material for your video. Post-production is where you stitch it up together and bring it to life as you visualized it in pre-production. The most common notion is that the post-production involves only of editing, but that's not it.

Let's see what else is involved in the process of post-production.


The shots from the shoot are put together and stitched into one fabric concerning the script in editing. This is where the story as per script comes into form. But this is not where it's perfected.


The sounds that we usually hear in videos are created from scratch to give the video depth and increase the relatability. The sound bites created, including the voice-overs and dialogues are then blended into the video, thus giving the viewers a realistic experience.


This is the final stage where the videos come into one whole. The graphic effects and elements add pop and magic to the video wherever required to mesmerize the audience and connect with the brand and its colors.

As you can no doubt see, the entire video production process contains a lot of steps involved. When working with a commercial production company, you’ll have plenty of input in regards to pre-production and post-production.

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